Book Review – Saving Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie Brotherhood, #3) – Debra Anastasia

5 Amazing Stars!!!!!

This is the last Poughkeepsie book. I am so bummed. But it was perfect.

In the book was see a whole different side of Beckett. He is still Mr. Badass Poughkeepsie, but has a much softer side than before. He is still an awesome brother to Blake and Cole. But he turns into an amazing man with Eve. He still domineers a room but more in the sense of cleaning up Poughkeepsie. He just amazes the hell out of everybody. Still at times its like, this is flying right over your head… but other times, I’m fan-gurling “OMG…. HE THINKS OF EVERYTHING AT THE RIGHT TIME”

Eve, very similar to the transition of Beckett, has a newside as well. She still is the badest bitch around. But in the book, you see her break. Completely. At the beginning, her relationship with Ryan, made me skeptical,  but it was squashed. She loves Beckett. When she lands on the hospital, everything goes down hill for her.

Beckett and Eve’s relationship hit a very serious turning point. Beckett knowing Ryan was so into Eve, he trusted Eve to be around Ryan when he was not around. They did things for each other that were small, but meant so much. They were so in sync. They knew what each other needed and when.

Cole, finally found his calling in life. With the new baby JB, Kyle and Cole stayed busy. In happiness, they were over the moon. Blake and Livia, of course,  still the most romantic out of the 3 couples were just topping on the brotherhood cake.

Then, Poughkeepsie is under fire. Literally. Bombs are going off. Beckett nearly lost his dog in his house when the enemy lit it up. Then, had to go tk the hospital himself. Eve was in Maryland. Blake, Cole, Livia, Kyle and the 3 kids had to hide in a nearly abandoned hotel.
And John being a thorn in Beckett’s ass, everything turns to shit.

I just have to say with the 3 newcomers, this book was afuckinmazing! Debra blew me away!


Book Review – Virgin – Radhika Sanghani

This book was so hilarious it went way beyond my expectations. This author put things in here that you cannot find anywhere else. The stuff she wrote was comical yet informant. This book is a must read for any female!

Ellie is a girl that questions so much. She wants to learn so much about what guys like. Her experiences are horrible (its nice to read a story where being a virgin isn’t every mans fantasy)… Well maybe lack thereof experiences. Some of her situations are so damn funny and she may hurt when they happen but the next day she is laughing with her friends.

She learned a lesson at the end of this book but is wasn’t what she thought. This book had a very happy ending and it was amazing!

Book Review – Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) – Lauren Layne

This is so unlike any book I’ve read before. All the characters blew my mind. I absolutely loved this book!

Sophie was the outcast of her family. Did not fit in and was always criticized because of it. She also didn’t know who she was. The whole story helps her find herself. She was loving, caring, and very smartassy.

Grayson was an unsocial douche. He was such an asshole most of the book. But, as reading the layers of him opened up and his life was heartbreaking. I wanted to just jump in the story, rub his back and give him a hug. He was always way too serious but for good reason.

Together they fought constantly. But Grayson needed her in so many ways. This story was beautiful and I cannot wait for the next book!

Book Review – Maybe This Time – Chantal Fernando

somebody please explain to me why the hell I am soooo attracted to such badasses? the twins …. holy shit fire… I loved them both. (tag team!!!)

Summer was an amazing person. I loved everything about her and all the boys. lucky girl. you fell in love with her from the beginning. she had the sweet and sassy side and it worked perfectly.

Reid… and Ryan (omg why can’t I have a magic power to jump into a book and live there?!!)

Reid was billy badass… but could be ohhh so sweet and very hardheaded. loved him instantly! and how he called Summer, beauty from the get go. (swooooon)

Ryan, such a funny guy. the kind that is eye candy with amazing humor… and a Summers new BBFL .. shit I’ll snuggle with him for let’s say ETERNITY.

Summer grew to love her brother and father after spending 18 yrs hearing her mothers lies about them.

Now, I need to read more about Reid, Ryan, Xander, and Dash.

Book Review – Love Kinsey -by Brandy Jeffus Corona

First and foremost. This was absolutely the most amazing and meaningful book i have ever read. It really makes you see how short our lives could be and the snap of a finger it could be over. I cried thru probably 95% of the book… Did i want to cry??? No. But it was amazing…

Kinsey, one of the most real and beautiful people there ever was. She went on a journey to find what her ex’s learned from her and how it effected their lives… Not in a selfish way… NO. When she had a dream, that started it all. Knowing, that her time was coming… she could not, not do this.

All the love from her family and friends and ex’s was amazing. I was sooo touched by this book. I finished it 10 minutes ago and im still crying. I can’t stop. I am at work and people are looking at me crazy. Amazing book.

Book Review – Sugar Rush (Friend-Zoned #3) by Belle Aurora

Ok so this entire series is truly awesome. It’s hilarious, and romantic. With that said…

Helena had a goal. Do not fall in love and  stay career focused. She knew Max was a fine specimen.  And adorably sweet. With being a sister of Nats, she of course had lots of spunk and witty. Beautiful as well. With her job she was able to help Ceecee
exercise. Which meant, more of Max.

Max, had his problems with Ceecee’s mother. He always had a temper. He was a huge flirt, not even knowing it. Helena, was on his mind but he didn’t want a relationship all because of Ceecee’s egg donor.

But, with the attraction towards one other, obviously it was inevitable.  Having a gtoup of friends and family they were around each other constantly. Their group is consisted of insane alpha men and hilarious group of girls. It made  their story so much funnier. The White Rabbit is still the number one hang out place.

With all that said, I will always recommend this series.

Book Review – Captivated By You – Sylvia Day

5 Crossfirin’ Stars

It’s Gideon Cross, you cannot go wrong with that!

This book was probably the most deep and crazy one so far. Its awesome because its in Eva’s and Gideon’s POV.

Gideon has a bunch of hurtles he has to go through. A lot of his past comes out. And Gideon being Gideon wants to hide the pain and hurt from Eva. He means well but he doesn’t know how to do it without upsetting or hurting Eva himself.

Eva has her hands full with Mr. Cross. She tries to understand and get thru to him. It’s not easy. And she has a few hurtles to go through herself.

Together, they used sex as a way out of their head. This book has so much drama from other characters it’s truly like a NASCAR race. They hit the gas and go forward, they go straight. Then they have to slow down because of a curve. Continually doing that in circles.

You understand both sides to a T. But is it really enough?