Book Review – Captivated By You – Sylvia Day

5 Crossfirin’ Stars

It’s Gideon Cross, you cannot go wrong with that!

This book was probably the most deep and crazy one so far. Its awesome because its in Eva’s and Gideon’s POV.

Gideon has a bunch of hurtles he has to go through. A lot of his past comes out. And Gideon being Gideon wants to hide the pain and hurt from Eva. He means well but he doesn’t know how to do it without upsetting or hurting Eva himself.

Eva has her hands full with Mr. Cross. She tries to understand and get thru to him. It’s not easy. And she has a few hurtles to go through herself.

Together, they used sex as a way out of their head. This book has so much drama from other characters it’s truly like a NASCAR race. They hit the gas and go forward, they go straight. Then they have to slow down because of a curve. Continually doing that in circles.

You understand both sides to a T. But is it really enough?


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