Book Review – Love Kinsey -by Brandy Jeffus Corona

First and foremost. This was absolutely the most amazing and meaningful book i have ever read. It really makes you see how short our lives could be and the snap of a finger it could be over. I cried thru probably 95% of the book… Did i want to cry??? No. But it was amazing…

Kinsey, one of the most real and beautiful people there ever was. She went on a journey to find what her ex’s learned from her and how it effected their lives… Not in a selfish way… NO. When she had a dream, that started it all. Knowing, that her time was coming… she could not, not do this.

All the love from her family and friends and ex’s was amazing. I was sooo touched by this book. I finished it 10 minutes ago and im still crying. I can’t stop. I am at work and people are looking at me crazy. Amazing book.


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