Book Review – Maybe This Time – Chantal Fernando

somebody please explain to me why the hell I am soooo attracted to such badasses? the twins …. holy shit fire… I loved them both. (tag team!!!)

Summer was an amazing person. I loved everything about her and all the boys. lucky girl. you fell in love with her from the beginning. she had the sweet and sassy side and it worked perfectly.

Reid… and Ryan (omg why can’t I have a magic power to jump into a book and live there?!!)

Reid was billy badass… but could be ohhh so sweet and very hardheaded. loved him instantly! and how he called Summer, beauty from the get go. (swooooon)

Ryan, such a funny guy. the kind that is eye candy with amazing humor… and a Summers new BBFL .. shit I’ll snuggle with him for let’s say ETERNITY.

Summer grew to love her brother and father after spending 18 yrs hearing her mothers lies about them.

Now, I need to read more about Reid, Ryan, Xander, and Dash.


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