Book Review – Sugar Rush (Friend-Zoned #3) by Belle Aurora

Ok so this entire series is truly awesome. It’s hilarious, and romantic. With that said…

Helena had a goal. Do not fall in love and  stay career focused. She knew Max was a fine specimen.  And adorably sweet. With being a sister of Nats, she of course had lots of spunk and witty. Beautiful as well. With her job she was able to help Ceecee
exercise. Which meant, more of Max.

Max, had his problems with Ceecee’s mother. He always had a temper. He was a huge flirt, not even knowing it. Helena, was on his mind but he didn’t want a relationship all because of Ceecee’s egg donor.

But, with the attraction towards one other, obviously it was inevitable.  Having a gtoup of friends and family they were around each other constantly. Their group is consisted of insane alpha men and hilarious group of girls. It made  their story so much funnier. The White Rabbit is still the number one hang out place.

With all that said, I will always recommend this series.


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