Book Review – Saving Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie Brotherhood, #3) – Debra Anastasia

5 Amazing Stars!!!!!

This is the last Poughkeepsie book. I am so bummed. But it was perfect.

In the book was see a whole different side of Beckett. He is still Mr. Badass Poughkeepsie, but has a much softer side than before. He is still an awesome brother to Blake and Cole. But he turns into an amazing man with Eve. He still domineers a room but more in the sense of cleaning up Poughkeepsie. He just amazes the hell out of everybody. Still at times its like, this is flying right over your head… but other times, I’m fan-gurling “OMG…. HE THINKS OF EVERYTHING AT THE RIGHT TIME”

Eve, very similar to the transition of Beckett, has a newside as well. She still is the badest bitch around. But in the book, you see her break. Completely. At the beginning, her relationship with Ryan, made me skeptical,  but it was squashed. She loves Beckett. When she lands on the hospital, everything goes down hill for her.

Beckett and Eve’s relationship hit a very serious turning point. Beckett knowing Ryan was so into Eve, he trusted Eve to be around Ryan when he was not around. They did things for each other that were small, but meant so much. They were so in sync. They knew what each other needed and when.

Cole, finally found his calling in life. With the new baby JB, Kyle and Cole stayed busy. In happiness, they were over the moon. Blake and Livia, of course,  still the most romantic out of the 3 couples were just topping on the brotherhood cake.

Then, Poughkeepsie is under fire. Literally. Bombs are going off. Beckett nearly lost his dog in his house when the enemy lit it up. Then, had to go tk the hospital himself. Eve was in Maryland. Blake, Cole, Livia, Kyle and the 3 kids had to hide in a nearly abandoned hotel.
And John being a thorn in Beckett’s ass, everything turns to shit.

I just have to say with the 3 newcomers, this book was afuckinmazing! Debra blew me away!


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