Book Review – Conceit (Se7en Deadly SEALs #1) – Alana Albertson


5 starsOkay, you have to love military men. PERIOD. But, a SEAL? Its an obsession.  The alpha male thing… my God yes!

Mia, suffered by losing her parents.  So, ended the relationship with her first love when he got hurt. Joaquin, Mia’s brother, is a SEAL. But he is caught up in a murder that he says he didn’t commit. So Mia decides to take matters into her own hands.

Without the help of Grant, she has to change,  physically and drastically.

Grant loved Mia. Thought she was the one. But when she left him, it completely broke him. He is not the same guy she fell in love with.

The bonds of brotherhood is sealed tight. So can Mia get thru Grant to save her brother? Mia tries to play Grant at a very dangerous game, that I dont think a new physical appearance will give her much time.



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