Book Review – Prophecy (Blue Moon) – Madelynne Ellis

ARC from Netgalley

Starting off, I did not read the prequel. Just realized there was one after reading this book. Futhermore, the book is so very unique to me. So very sifi, and some m/m action. Which I’m honestly not a fan of, but it was an amazing read, so we will look over that.

At first, I was so confused on everything. There were a whole bunch of “what the hell is going on”. I felt like Blaze. Straight up confused.  Honestly, not sure if that is how the author wanted it to be or not. Of course, continuing to read, I started understanding the story. Blaze was a regular orphaned human, living with his grandmother. Then, it changed. All kinds of weird stuff happening. Not knowing what was going on or who the hell he is, he was in some deep shit.

Asha, is a badass demon killer. She is a part of a clan that slays demons. Talon, is her crazy boss. The man is straight weird. But, he is all she knows. She kills for him, lets him sexual abuse her all with the help of this crazy demon ash or whatever the hell it was. (Kind of like true blood on the hbo series True Blood).

When Asha and Blaze meet… its like an instant connection. They want to protect each other. Asha knows what Blaze is but doesn’t want to admit it to herself or to Blaze.

When they stumble upon Raven, some of the answers that Blaze needs, he finds. And the unwanted truths Asha tries to deny, come forward. They cannot be together. Asha has killed many demons, and Blaze destiny is to lead said demons.

At the end of the book, Blaze’s path comes forward. He must follow it. Because of Blaze being what he is, Asha is very ill. And has to go back, against her will, to her home.

What happens next is a mystery that I cannot wait to read.



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