Book Review – King’s (The King Trilogy #1) – Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

5 starsMy thoughts are jumbled. Throughout the entire book, it was a total WTF moment. I get it, but i don’t. I’m confused, but i’m not. This book has me trying to wrap it around my head.

Ok So Mia, gets a call that her brother is missing. And like any sister she wants to help but takes matters into her own hands. But doesn’t get very far. She finds this man named King, and goes to him for help.

King is the biggest freaking asshole i have read about. I just don’t understand him. He is just plain freaking weird. Ass-holy-ness has got some serious issues. issues that i cannot comprehend.

Mia gets on my nerves because she made a deal and fights it every damn corner she can. Its just like, yeah this fool can snap your neck in like .5 of a second… but damn you made the deal… deal with it.

King is man. He wants something, he gets it. When you ask questions you get punished or whatever. Its pretty simple… do as he says. He owns you. You made the deal. Go go threw with it. But Mia does not. So it pisses him off.

Then, its just, King is gone. Mia, tries to find him, but has no luck. She gets emotionally attached which is a pretty stupid thing considering he is pure asshole.

Loved this book. Amazing… i have to… absolutely have to read the next one!


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