Book Review – The Perpetual Quest For The Perfect Life – Michelle Pace


This is most definitely a quest!

The book revolves around a group of friends, that are made up of best girl friends and best guy friends. Each one having a very close connection towards each other. Its about the insecurities each person faces towards themselves and their lovers.

There is new love, rekindled love, hidden love. It all. The town is a small town they all live in, and knowing that, everybody finds out everybody business in one day.

Nicole, a newly widow and mother goes back to her town. While there, she meets back up with her late husbands best friend, Aaron. He has been in love with her since the beginning. But, he tries to keep his distance because Nicole picked Ryan and not him.

Avery brakes off her engagement to Jason because he is a egotistical douch. Then she meets the sexy Native American, Shilah. He makes her lady bits go crazy. But, finding out her late brother was not the perfect man she thought, and her mother being a complete snotty, she doesn’t know how to communicate with Shilah, and he just doesn’t go for that.

Lauren is married to Jack. And Jack is that one awesome guy in the town. He is fun to be around, sexy as sin… and a chick magnet. Which Lauren is super jealous. All the guys know how much Jack adores his wife, but with all of Lauren insecurities she let’s the worst of herself get the best of her.

With the ups and downs in these friendships and relationships, it’s a roller coaster. Then, you have all those other people in town wanting something they don’t have and ruin things they shouldn’t. With all these people, one thing can navigate everybody’s lives. Even if it is just a domino effect.

Its a beautiful book!


Book Review – Into the DARKNESS (Darkness #1) – K. F. Breene


Sasha is crazy, she sees stuff that normal people cannot. Of course, she can’t tell people. One night, her boyfriend Jared and her, got into a wreck on the bad part of town, and everything goes down hill from there.

She meets these huge male beings, but they call to her. Similar to vampires, but not quiet. But having a weird power, she seeks them out… over and over again. To the point that she and Jared are both in danger, constantly.

She let’s the voice inside her head navigate her. Said voice, brings her to “Boss’s” living chambers. And it really turns bad there. He saves her life a few times and she saves his. She has a power that nobody has, and not only does the Boss want her, but his enemies as well.

This book is full of action, whitty banter, and one very steamy scene. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next.

Book Review – Frenched (Frenched, #1) – Melanie Harlow


Loved this book!!!!!

Mia, a list maker, was dumped one week before her wedding. Not wanting to do anything, her friends make her go to Paris, the honeymoon destination. Paris was always a dream for her. But, she went anyways. she had her mind set after seeing all the romance their to leave the next day. she couldn’t stand it.

After she walks in to “The Beaver”, que Lucas. The man that couldn’t hold a candle next to dipshit Tucker, her now ex fiancé. He gives her wine and they make a deal that he will be a tour guide for the next day. Little did they know it would ho well beyond just a tour of Paris.

Mia may be a pain in the ass planner, but she is witty and sarcastic, funny and says mostly what’s on her mind. Lucas is patient, very knowledgeable, and after all the comparisons to Tucker, Mia starts to realize this guy is a total catch. But, set aside their feelings, she leaves the following Tuesday.

This book has everything I look for in a book. It has humor, falling in love, a shitty ex, so much sex,  sex in all places. It was a fantastic read!!

Book Review – Call Me Cat (Call Me Cat Trilogy, #1) – Karpov Kinrade


So obviously I wanted to read this book because it had the 4 b’s… bad-boy-biker-billionaire. But, as bad as he was, and as rich as he was, he wasn’t really a biker. Just a guy with a bike. So it was a kind of a let down.

Catelyn was a girl working her ass off through college. Her parents were murdered when she was 15 but the killer still stalks her. When her luck goes from bad to worse she has to get a very crazy job. Of course, some of the callers are pretty gross, sick, and twisted. In walks the 4 B man, Ash.

He is sex on a stick but has a bad reputation. He was suppose to follow his father, but he is a rebel… and a self made millionaire. When he calls Catelyn’s new job, not knowing it’s her, they start a relationship… a phone one. At first its purely platonic and just to talk with someone. But as more bad shit happens to Caitlyn, the more less platonic things go.

Catelyn has a really hard time trying to come clean to Ash. But, things go from worse to down right horrific for her, she only has Ash there. He seems to always be there right when she needs him.

While reading this book, I felt like a detective myself. I was thinking everybody is a suspect until proven innocent. This is why I rated it as high as I did. The author made you think and try to read between the lines. Cannot wait to read the next one!


Book Review – Held Against You – Season Vining


Fun Read!!!!

Kat is a girl that went from low middle class to rich as hell. Because of the choices her mother made and then the choice she made… she ended up on the run.

Following her, the bounty hunter that’s getting a fat paycheck to bring her in, doesn’t realize the ride he is getting in on. He has one mission and she makes it very hard on him to keep a clear head.

Because of her wittiness, and her rebel ways, bad things keep happening and they continue to get side tracked. Of course, her defense mechanism is talking.. all the time and it drives the bounty hunter crazy, she uses it to her advantage.

Once he finally tells her his name and his true mission, he feels really guilty so they go on the run. But, he is a monster. And she is somebody that was dealt a shit hand. No matter how he feels he has demons that will pop up.

I loved it! Its only the second book from Season that I read and I enjoyed it. So many laughs in this book!


Book Review – Try Me (One Night With Sole Regret #1) – Olivia Cunning


The story of a very reserved girl and a tattooed rocker boy.

Melanie follows her crazy ass groupie friend that wants to hook up with the lead singer of Soul Regret or any member. While sitting back stage, Melanie starts talking with this guy, and talking shit about all the tattooed band members. Then realizes that Gabe is really Force, and Force is the drummer. The drummer that also has some tattoos. And Mel doesn’t really like tattoos…. but does like his.

So this very hot attraction starts… and one thing leads to another and they end up in a hotel room where they have a crazy night of hanky panky. They end up falling alseep and then having breakfast with the rest of the band members the next morning… some things are said and Force sees someone in Melanie, and takes her back to the hotel room for another round. But this round is grade A crazy romp fest.

I absolutely loved this porn in a book. Cannot wait to read the next soul regret book!


Book Review – Beautiful Oblivion ( The Maddox Brothers # 1 ) – Jamie McGuire


Any one of the Maddox brother stories are bound to be amazing and this one did not disappoint. Amazing hot, tattooed, and smooth talker Trent, has his eyes on Cami.

Cami, in college and a bartender is dating the ever invisible TJ, so when Trent starts making his moves on her, she tries to keep him at a distance. But, all the Maddox brothers are irresistible, even as a friends!!

Trent has been in love with Cami since for ever. But, of course, he never done anything. Until, one night at the bar. One thing leads to another and he gets her a job at his tattoo shop.

So inevitably, they become great friends. Cami and TJ finally call it quits, but TJ doesn’t really let it go. Then one night, a kiss happens or more like, “I won’t surprise attack your face. I just wanted to see you.” So finally after all the pent up frustration and flirtation they become a couple. But, being with a Maddox comes with
realizing you are with a caveman. Which causes lots of problems for Cami and her views on how a man should act.

The obvious reasons for loving the book was because it was part of the Maddox brothers. Jamie doesn’t disappoint on the badass boys. She can make you fall in love with any character she wants you to.

The only reason I did not rate it a 5 star was because I just wasn’t content at the ending. I felt like there could have been more happiness in an epigolue.