Book Review – Beautiful Oblivion ( The Maddox Brothers # 1 ) – Jamie McGuire


Any one of the Maddox brother stories are bound to be amazing and this one did not disappoint. Amazing hot, tattooed, and smooth talker Trent, has his eyes on Cami.

Cami, in college and a bartender is dating the ever invisible TJ, so when Trent starts making his moves on her, she tries to keep him at a distance. But, all the Maddox brothers are irresistible, even as a friends!!

Trent has been in love with Cami since for ever. But, of course, he never done anything. Until, one night at the bar. One thing leads to another and he gets her a job at his tattoo shop.

So inevitably, they become great friends. Cami and TJ finally call it quits, but TJ doesn’t really let it go. Then one night, a kiss happens or more like, “I won’t surprise attack your face. I just wanted to see you.” So finally after all the pent up frustration and flirtation they become a couple. But, being with a Maddox comes with
realizing you are with a caveman. Which causes lots of problems for Cami and her views on how a man should act.

The obvious reasons for loving the book was because it was part of the Maddox brothers. Jamie doesn’t disappoint on the badass boys. She can make you fall in love with any character she wants you to.

The only reason I did not rate it a 5 star was because I just wasn’t content at the ending. I felt like there could have been more happiness in an epigolue.



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