Book Review – Held Against You – Season Vining


Fun Read!!!!

Kat is a girl that went from low middle class to rich as hell. Because of the choices her mother made and then the choice she made… she ended up on the run.

Following her, the bounty hunter that’s getting a fat paycheck to bring her in, doesn’t realize the ride he is getting in on. He has one mission and she makes it very hard on him to keep a clear head.

Because of her wittiness, and her rebel ways, bad things keep happening and they continue to get side tracked. Of course, her defense mechanism is talking.. all the time and it drives the bounty hunter crazy, she uses it to her advantage.

Once he finally tells her his name and his true mission, he feels really guilty so they go on the run. But, he is a monster. And she is somebody that was dealt a shit hand. No matter how he feels he has demons that will pop up.

I loved it! Its only the second book from Season that I read and I enjoyed it. So many laughs in this book!



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