Book Review – Call Me Cat (Call Me Cat Trilogy, #1) – Karpov Kinrade


So obviously I wanted to read this book because it had the 4 b’s… bad-boy-biker-billionaire. But, as bad as he was, and as rich as he was, he wasn’t really a biker. Just a guy with a bike. So it was a kind of a let down.

Catelyn was a girl working her ass off through college. Her parents were murdered when she was 15 but the killer still stalks her. When her luck goes from bad to worse she has to get a very crazy job. Of course, some of the callers are pretty gross, sick, and twisted. In walks the 4 B man, Ash.

He is sex on a stick but has a bad reputation. He was suppose to follow his father, but he is a rebel… and a self made millionaire. When he calls Catelyn’s new job, not knowing it’s her, they start a relationship… a phone one. At first its purely platonic and just to talk with someone. But as more bad shit happens to Caitlyn, the more less platonic things go.

Catelyn has a really hard time trying to come clean to Ash. But, things go from worse to down right horrific for her, she only has Ash there. He seems to always be there right when she needs him.

While reading this book, I felt like a detective myself. I was thinking everybody is a suspect until proven innocent. This is why I rated it as high as I did. The author made you think and try to read between the lines. Cannot wait to read the next one!



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