Book Review – Into the DARKNESS (Darkness #1) – K. F. Breene


Sasha is crazy, she sees stuff that normal people cannot. Of course, she can’t tell people. One night, her boyfriend Jared and her, got into a wreck on the bad part of town, and everything goes down hill from there.

She meets these huge male beings, but they call to her. Similar to vampires, but not quiet. But having a weird power, she seeks them out… over and over again. To the point that she and Jared are both in danger, constantly.

She let’s the voice inside her head navigate her. Said voice, brings her to “Boss’s” living chambers. And it really turns bad there. He saves her life a few times and she saves his. She has a power that nobody has, and not only does the Boss want her, but his enemies as well.

This book is full of action, whitty banter, and one very steamy scene. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next.


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