Book Review – The Perpetual Quest For The Perfect Life – Michelle Pace


This is most definitely a quest!

The book revolves around a group of friends, that are made up of best girl friends and best guy friends. Each one having a very close connection towards each other. Its about the insecurities each person faces towards themselves and their lovers.

There is new love, rekindled love, hidden love. It all. The town is a small town they all live in, and knowing that, everybody finds out everybody business in one day.

Nicole, a newly widow and mother goes back to her town. While there, she meets back up with her late husbands best friend, Aaron. He has been in love with her since the beginning. But, he tries to keep his distance because Nicole picked Ryan and not him.

Avery brakes off her engagement to Jason because he is a egotistical douch. Then she meets the sexy Native American, Shilah. He makes her lady bits go crazy. But, finding out her late brother was not the perfect man she thought, and her mother being a complete snotty, she doesn’t know how to communicate with Shilah, and he just doesn’t go for that.

Lauren is married to Jack. And Jack is that one awesome guy in the town. He is fun to be around, sexy as sin… and a chick magnet. Which Lauren is super jealous. All the guys know how much Jack adores his wife, but with all of Lauren insecurities she let’s the worst of herself get the best of her.

With the ups and downs in these friendships and relationships, it’s a roller coaster. Then, you have all those other people in town wanting something they don’t have and ruin things they shouldn’t. With all these people, one thing can navigate everybody’s lives. Even if it is just a domino effect.

Its a beautiful book!


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