Book Review – Dog Day Wedding – Rich Amooi


There are so many things I love about this book. Its a very fun read. You will laugh out loud so many times because of the off the wall things that are done and said between the characters.

Giovanni has been left at the alter, for the second time. Mainly because of Eleonora, his mother. But, he is a very caring and fun guy. After leaving his wedding, a domino of bad things happens. And he ends up with a dog to dog sit and a new cute cop friend, Natalie.

Natalie lives next door to Giovanni with her grandfather Federico. She is engaged to marry the jackass Jacks. Obviously, he a very selfish person, who is in love with his car. Natalie feels a connection with Giovanni but she has given her word to Jacks because, she knows nobody is perfect.

Federico was awesome and so good spirited. Everything he said ended with an exclamation point! I loved his stories … Even the movie ones!

Stevie and Danny were freaking hilarious. Danny the know it all, literally knows everything and Stevie the dirty one!

Eleonora was a crazy momma! Baby this, baby that…. All she wanted was grand babies… And she wants them now. She is so very dramatic but badass.

The story gets better and better the more you read. I obviously can’t say too much because its just better for everyone just to read it!

This is truly a fun story in a males POV. Rich’s writing is always amazing and he never disappoints.