Book Review – Leo – Mia Sheridan

“All the world’s a circus. Sometimes you choose your act and sometimes its assigned to you. I had roamed the arena for far too long, roaring and bellowing, believing that i wasn’t brave enough to leap through fire. But all along, she had stood there, constant and calm. “I can’t make the fire go away,” she had seemed to say. “I can’t guarantee you won’t get burned. But i can hold this hoop for you. I can remain steady and strong, because i believe in you. Because you are mine.”
I could not put this book when I started.

Two kids, grew up with a horrible upbringing. In and out of different homes. One promise, that was not fulfilled.

Evie has been threw some shit. Growing up she was accustomed to heart brake. But Leo was her everything. And with a broken promise that hurt her worse than anything else, she still grew up to be the glass half full kind of girl.

After waiting 8 years for Leo to come liked he promised, she realizes she has a stalker. Not just any stalker but a hot one, in a beemer, and named Jake. Who claims he was friends with Leo. Leo, on his death bed, asked Jake to see how Evie was holding up and if she was OK.

Evie, was heartbroken and angry over it. Leo made a promise and still she waiting. Worked two jobs to better herself. But, even though she still loved Leo, her body was very hot over this Jake guy.

Like most rich, sexy males, Jake had his problems and secrets. And he was also attracted to Evie. So they decide on being together.

But, again, like most stories, Jakey has a monumental secret and would destroy Evie when she finds out.

This story was so very sad, but empowering as well.