Book Review – Save with Me ( With me in Seattle # 5) – Kristen Proby


Okay, so you have the crazy alpha male, hot as sin Navy SEAL, Caleb and sweet as can be, mother of twins Brynna that has been attracted to each for a while.

When Brynna becomes in danger from her previous marriage, Caleb is appointed to keep her and her daughters safe. Knowing how much he wants her, he knows it will be a hard task. After having to baby sit her while she goes out with the girls and having to listen to all there girl talk and all their dancing and her advances towards him, he snaps and finally gives in to her. Not knowing one time or two or three will ever be enough.

Of course, not only does Caleb fall in love with Brynna but he falls for her daughters as well and they see him as daddy now. But because of his demons, he sees himself not deserving of them. But, he is jealous and cant seem to let them go. He couldn’t protect his team, how can he keep protecting his girls. Once he finally snaps and leaves them, a tragedy happens.

Can he finally admit his mistake, and will Brynna really take him back for the hurt he not only cause her but her daughters?


Book Review – Fire Down Below – Debra Anastasia


Firstly, i want to say, how in the hell does Debra come up with all this? The scenarios in her books are mind blowing.

Johnson is a man i have yet to ever read about. As in his personality. He has that medical conditional where a person starts talking about something and can’t stop, and talks loud, and its all about medical shit and medicine. And the man loves numbers. He’s just weird but cute. Verbal throw up with the medical crap.

The more Dove was around Johnson, the more crazy she got. Smelling pillows he sat in? Just Ew.

Duke is just one crazy, sick guy. The weird shit he does just blows my mind. at the beginning, he is the annoying neighboring that constantly farts. But the further you get into book, the more you like him. And the more you find out how freaking smart this immature man truly is.

The devil cat, somebody explain the soul seeing devil cat. Why does she keep it? I mean the fuckin irony! Her name is Dove! Doesn’t cats have things for birds?

Dove is just crazy. She has some wicked crazy friends as well. That poor girl gets the shitty end of every damn stick. But the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hilarious! !!

Can’t wait to read #2

Book Review – Rock With Me (With Me In Seattle # 4) – Kristen Proby


Music and tattooed men… *fanning myself*
Those alone can make a girl all hot and bothered.

Sam, being the sister of a celebrity has had her fair share of being used by others and trust issues. She knows how to wear a mask to disguise her true feelings.

Leo, is the tattooed rocker. (Let me just bask in him for a minute). Ok, so he lost his parents and went thru fosters homes. Unfortunately, he went thru some shit. Met Meg, and became family with her. One thing that i absolutely love about Leo other than being a tatted, rocker, sex god, is he knows how important family is rather is blood family or a group of friends that can be so close they consider themselves family.

In this book, we also learn a lot of what happened between Leo and Meg.

I cant describe Leo and Sam’s relationship because, it was obvious they had a instant attraction, but it was more than physical no matter how hard they both tried to deny it.

And both characters were changed from the beginning of the book til the end. But not in a bad way. And of course i loved it.

Book Review – Play With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 3) – Kristen Proby


Cute, Sassy Love story.

Megan is a nurse, well a nurse on the outside and rocker singer chick on the inside. She works at a children’s cancer center. It is a very stressful and sad job. But, Caleb and some of his teammates make it better. Also, she has been hurt and has a horrible mother.

Caleb, is a football star. Nuff said.

Being they know each other through family and friends its inevitable to come across each other. So, they give it a go. And decide they like it very very much. The sex is hot.

Meg, again is a closet rocker chick. She has a tattoo. (Lol just one..) But, a certain piercing… which sounds very enticing.

The downside of being with a famous person, of course, is the limelight. No privacy. Some of Megan’s past comes to light as well and she doesn’t really deal with it correctly with Caleb.

All in all, i loved the sassiness between Caleb and Meg, it was a very comical book… i expect nothing less with the “with me in Seattle series” 

Book Review – Thrust – Victoria Ashley


Okay the description of the book on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you got the damn book is how i wood describe it. So its so hard to even write a review without spoilers.

This is not a love triangle, oh no. This is a sex triangle. Allll about sex.

Calla had a really shitty previous relationship. So when she meets the sexy Kyan at a bar, she is intrigued. He is really only looking for a sexual relationship, which doesn’t bother her because she doesn’t want anything serious because of her prior relationship. But, shortly after, her high school crush, Hunter, steps up. Come to find out, these too sexy beasts are brother. Which even to her are turn ons!

Like the description, they have two different sexual ways, and they are both very appetizing. But, being a triangle, one will start growing on Calla more. And make Calla fall head over heals. But because both brothers are strictly looking for a sex relationship and nothing more, she will be heart broken either way. She is screwed.

Book Review – Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor # 3) – K.C. Lynn


This one was the most heart breaking of them all. The things both Cade and Faith have dealt with are horrible.

Cade had a bad childhood. Lost his sister in the worst way imaginable. Resents God and all things God. Faith, is a woman of God. Brought to Iraq with her missionary. Her father is a pastor. She is a loving person that loves to help people. They meet in odd circumstances in Iraq and develop a friendship. Then tragedy strikes. Well, if you read the other books, you know what has happened.

And, they meet again under another odd circumstance. Being they all hang around the same friends, they have to learn to be friends again or learn to know what happened to each other the last two years. Cade is a lot of Jax in regards to thinking he doesn’t deserve Faith and he struggles with it. Especially knowing who her father is.

When Faith decides to help a boy that is like a lot of Cade and Jax in their younger years, Cade is hesitant because he doesn’t think she is ready for that kind of commitment. But little does he know, Christopher and Ruthie along with Faith, will mean something to him that he never thought he could feel towards anybody.

But, Faith proves him wrong. Faith is very motherly towards those two kids and would risk her life to help them. As well as Cade. But, Cade still cannot get passed who Faith’s father is and he cannot get passed his sister’s death and that will be his biggest downfall.

This book is very graphic, severely sad and not for the faint of heart. But, it is so beautiful. And it will not disappoint.

Book Review – Sweet Temptation (Men of Honor # 2) – K.C. Lynn


“She is not my fucking type! I like fucking cupcakes!”

“So you better move your shit over and make room for mine, because I’m not fucking going anywhere.”

“I mean who the fuck can’t make a diamond look like a fucking cupcake?”

Grace has been thru hell. Witnessing her mother rape and murder and her near rape, then living with a horrible person for two years, she finally leaves and gets on a bus in search of her father. Lands in a small town across from a diner where she gets a job and befriends Julia and Kayla and their men and the SEALs.

Yes, Sawyer, seen his fair share of shit. But, he grew up in a good home. His best friend is Cade, and has been with him since they were 8. Out of all the SEALs, he is the most laid back. Actually he is pretty funny. And the most open about his feelings.

When dome of Grace’s ugly past comes out, Sawyer volunteers to be the knight in shining armour. They can deny their attraction, but it gets harder and harder until they cant resist it anymore.

Then Sawyer decided he wants to go home for the weekend and bring Grace with him. Colorado, Grace gets to experience the snow. Sawyer gets to experience true happiness on her face. He tries to teach her how to ice skate but has one of those once in a life time moments where has her grab around his necks with her arms, and has her legs wrap around his waste and he skates around. Talk about freaking swoooooning!

This book is a lot more light than the first in the series. I mean, just as much sex… and its just as amazing as well.. lots of the f-bombs as the Florida detective puts it because of Sawyer being a SEAL. But i laughed so many times. And i absolutely loved it