Book Review – Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles) – Anna Zaires


Surpassed my expectations. Had my favorite, romance,  but add in some aliens, magic like technology, a virgin, and some seriously dominant set of amber eyes.

Mia reminded me of a clueless 15 year old. She was quick to make judgements and decisions on no truth or no evidence. In hindsight, i feel she was a complete dumbass. Her actions proved that, once she realized what she done and did not think about the consequences. I just feel she could have used her brain a bit more.

When she met Korum, of course she was scared. The hunk of sexiness is “an alien” or a Krinar. And more like a sex alien and lots of vampire like tendencies. But they were attracted to each other. As in, a bond like attraction. Something Korum understands, but Mia not so much, considering she was in her twenties, and Korum being in the two thousands.

One of the biggest problems with Mia being a clueless and blind college student was, here is an alien with all his technology, than can damn near read her mind and tell how she feels by just watching her, and she thinks that she can keep a monumental secret from him, under his own roof. Dumbass, pure dumbassness.

Without really realizing it, she starts to feel very strongly for him. Korum is very easy to fall in love with. He has this alpha male thing going on. And is sweet at all the moments a man came be sweet. Just in my eyes, he is perfect. But, Mia is naive. She doesn’t want for him to get hurt or be harmed.

When he gives her the chance, she doesn’t think with logic, and doesn’t use her head when she should be thinking of more repercussions of her decisions.

I know, in this book i have a lot of complaints on the main character.  But nonetheless, i absolutely loved the book!


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