Book Review – Close Obsession (the krinar chronicles) – Anna Zaires


Yes,  this 2nd book of the series will receive 5 star rating… its that good!!!

So, okay this one had me in a tail spin. I was super suspicious at times and pissed off at other times. But, it was fabulous.

Welcome to Lenkarda.

After leaving New York, Mia goes to Korum’s real earth home. Of course, she is still in a state of shock with the previous events. But, Korum done some awesome things for her to get her settled into his magnificent home.

Mia starts to learn so much being there around all this technology he created and other Ks. She also meets other humans. I started understanding her want of a little freedom because at some points i started to suspect Korum to be a possessive control freak.

But, Korum decided to ask his friend to help teach Mia their peoples ways and  let her see his lab and work as an assistant for him. Which, in hindsight, was great because Mia decided to allow them to plant devices in her to speak and understand all languages even theirs and to learn to understand what is going on in the labs. So finally has something to do with her time and helps her for her future in the major she choose for college.

Mia also gets to witness the trial and a few other Krinar festivities. Which she thoroughly enjoyed. A side of Korum, that Mia has not seen, she finally sees. But, she has changed these last few weeks and she can understand it but is still a bit fearful, but not for herself.

And the time comes to go see her family. Which that was a very hard and stressful time for her considering the views her family has had on the Ks. Also, one of the biggest secrets come out, and its just a secret that literally can break them apart.

I loved it. Absolutely. i was stuck in this world of humans and aliens and i just cannot formulate words to describe how amazing it is. As the famous saying goes, “ON TO THE NEXT ONE”


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