Book Review – Raze – Tillie Cole


This has to be one of the most heart breaking books I  have ever read.  There were so many moments of tears of sadness and of joy. But mostly, I have to say, how in the hell, out of all the things that an author can dream up, did this author dream this story up?

Kisa, the daughter of the top dog of the mafia man in Brooklyn has seen plenty of death. Her one true love was taken away from her at a young age. She ends up with the biggest possessive arrogant asshole known to man that is crazy.

Raze is another crazy one. Coming from a very screwed up prision since childhood. (think about it, since childhood)  He is on one mission of revenge to kill Kisa’s fiancee. Nothing will stop him.

But, before he goes on with his plan, one night he saves Kisa, and immediately there is an attraction. Kisa knows its dangerous for any man to look at her or for her to look at any man if or when her fiancee gets wind of it. Yes, son of a bitch is that ruthless. 

This story is beyond screwed up but it is beautiful. Its definitely not for everybody. It has some sick shit in it. I loved it. It was perfectly written, and brought out so many emotions.  Very awesome book!


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