Book Review – Fight With Me (With Me In Seattle #2) – Kristen Proby


This is a cute-as-can-be with a side of holy-hell-that-was-HOT-as-sin story.

Jules is on hell of a woman. She is very confident in herself. As she should be. She is hot, in kickass shape and very intelligent. She has four older brothers that taught her hoe to fight and pushed her way beyond most females limits and it blows all men’s minds.

One night with a forbidden man changes things.

In walks sex on a stick, the coworker himself, Nate. After this night she sneaks out of his apartment and ignores him for a weeks and takes vacation for a couple of weeks, things get back to normal.

But, out of the blue, he wants more. Nate is a total contradiction. One of the biggest problems they face is, being that Nate isn’t the owner or CEO is this company they work for they do not set rules…and the rules are, no dating coworkers.

That does not stop them though, they decide to give it a try. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is something that you don’t  hear coming out of ex MMA fighters mouths. Or bikers mouth. He is completely smitten. But, being those, its typical that he has a anger streak. It’s typical that sometimes that streak can get the best of him.

Even through those mishaps, secrets will always come out. And some things just can’t work out. Even as confident as Jules is, she can be very stubborn. And stubbornness will ruin things.

Absolutely enjoyed this book!!!


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