Book Review – Fighting Temptation (Men of Honor #1) – K.C. Lynn


I was recommended to read this and I’m so glad, but i feel like the rabbit from Alice and Wonderland saying “No Time” to leave a review because i need the next book.

You have two people that become the best of friends who happen to be the opposite sex. Julia, the natural beauty and Jax, the town bad boy.

Julia didn’t know her father, her mother passed away when she was a teenager so she moved in with her Grams. Jax’s mother left when he was younger and his father is a drunk pos so he hung with his best friend Cooper.

Jax knows Julia is special, he doesn’t allow nobody to have her. He sets his claim but he puts himself under that line as well. He is also a Navy SEAL now, or was. He hurt her bad, so now he has to deal with his repercussions, and the domino effect of his actions. He doesn’t know how to love, how to show it, nothing. He knows rage, kill and hurt.

When he does come back, he brings a few guys with him. Together, they form a group together. It gets pretty rowdy with a bunch of SEALs and Sheriffs. And of course the girls can be just as rowdy.

But when that domino gets hit, it effects more than just one.


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