Book Review – Sweet Temptation (Men of Honor # 2) – K.C. Lynn


“She is not my fucking type! I like fucking cupcakes!”

“So you better move your shit over and make room for mine, because I’m not fucking going anywhere.”

“I mean who the fuck can’t make a diamond look like a fucking cupcake?”

Grace has been thru hell. Witnessing her mother rape and murder and her near rape, then living with a horrible person for two years, she finally leaves and gets on a bus in search of her father. Lands in a small town across from a diner where she gets a job and befriends Julia and Kayla and their men and the SEALs.

Yes, Sawyer, seen his fair share of shit. But, he grew up in a good home. His best friend is Cade, and has been with him since they were 8. Out of all the SEALs, he is the most laid back. Actually he is pretty funny. And the most open about his feelings.

When dome of Grace’s ugly past comes out, Sawyer volunteers to be the knight in shining armour. They can deny their attraction, but it gets harder and harder until they cant resist it anymore.

Then Sawyer decided he wants to go home for the weekend and bring Grace with him. Colorado, Grace gets to experience the snow. Sawyer gets to experience true happiness on her face. He tries to teach her how to ice skate but has one of those once in a life time moments where has her grab around his necks with her arms, and has her legs wrap around his waste and he skates around. Talk about freaking swoooooning!

This book is a lot more light than the first in the series. I mean, just as much sex… and its just as amazing as well.. lots of the f-bombs as the Florida detective puts it because of Sawyer being a SEAL. But i laughed so many times. And i absolutely loved it


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