Book Review – Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor # 3) – K.C. Lynn


This one was the most heart breaking of them all. The things both Cade and Faith have dealt with are horrible.

Cade had a bad childhood. Lost his sister in the worst way imaginable. Resents God and all things God. Faith, is a woman of God. Brought to Iraq with her missionary. Her father is a pastor. She is a loving person that loves to help people. They meet in odd circumstances in Iraq and develop a friendship. Then tragedy strikes. Well, if you read the other books, you know what has happened.

And, they meet again under another odd circumstance. Being they all hang around the same friends, they have to learn to be friends again or learn to know what happened to each other the last two years. Cade is a lot of Jax in regards to thinking he doesn’t deserve Faith and he struggles with it. Especially knowing who her father is.

When Faith decides to help a boy that is like a lot of Cade and Jax in their younger years, Cade is hesitant because he doesn’t think she is ready for that kind of commitment. But little does he know, Christopher and Ruthie along with Faith, will mean something to him that he never thought he could feel towards anybody.

But, Faith proves him wrong. Faith is very motherly towards those two kids and would risk her life to help them. As well as Cade. But, Cade still cannot get passed who Faith’s father is and he cannot get passed his sister’s death and that will be his biggest downfall.

This book is very graphic, severely sad and not for the faint of heart. But, it is so beautiful. And it will not disappoint.


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