Book Review – Thrust – Victoria Ashley


Okay the description of the book on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you got the damn book is how i wood describe it. So its so hard to even write a review without spoilers.

This is not a love triangle, oh no. This is a sex triangle. Allll about sex.

Calla had a really shitty previous relationship. So when she meets the sexy Kyan at a bar, she is intrigued. He is really only looking for a sexual relationship, which doesn’t bother her because she doesn’t want anything serious because of her prior relationship. But, shortly after, her high school crush, Hunter, steps up. Come to find out, these too sexy beasts are brother. Which even to her are turn ons!

Like the description, they have two different sexual ways, and they are both very appetizing. But, being a triangle, one will start growing on Calla more. And make Calla fall head over heals. But because both brothers are strictly looking for a sex relationship and nothing more, she will be heart broken either way. She is screwed.


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