Book Review – Play With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 3) – Kristen Proby


Cute, Sassy Love story.

Megan is a nurse, well a nurse on the outside and rocker singer chick on the inside. She works at a children’s cancer center. It is a very stressful and sad job. But, Caleb and some of his teammates make it better. Also, she has been hurt and has a horrible mother.

Caleb, is a football star. Nuff said.

Being they know each other through family and friends its inevitable to come across each other. So, they give it a go. And decide they like it very very much. The sex is hot.

Meg, again is a closet rocker chick. She has a tattoo. (Lol just one..) But, a certain piercing… which sounds very enticing.

The downside of being with a famous person, of course, is the limelight. No privacy. Some of Megan’s past comes to light as well and she doesn’t really deal with it correctly with Caleb.

All in all, i loved the sassiness between Caleb and Meg, it was a very comical book… i expect nothing less with the “with me in Seattle series” 


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