Book Review – Rock With Me (With Me In Seattle # 4) – Kristen Proby


Music and tattooed men… *fanning myself*
Those alone can make a girl all hot and bothered.

Sam, being the sister of a celebrity has had her fair share of being used by others and trust issues. She knows how to wear a mask to disguise her true feelings.

Leo, is the tattooed rocker. (Let me just bask in him for a minute). Ok, so he lost his parents and went thru fosters homes. Unfortunately, he went thru some shit. Met Meg, and became family with her. One thing that i absolutely love about Leo other than being a tatted, rocker, sex god, is he knows how important family is rather is blood family or a group of friends that can be so close they consider themselves family.

In this book, we also learn a lot of what happened between Leo and Meg.

I cant describe Leo and Sam’s relationship because, it was obvious they had a instant attraction, but it was more than physical no matter how hard they both tried to deny it.

And both characters were changed from the beginning of the book til the end. But not in a bad way. And of course i loved it.


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