Book Review – Fire Down Below – Debra Anastasia


Firstly, i want to say, how in the hell does Debra come up with all this? The scenarios in her books are mind blowing.

Johnson is a man i have yet to ever read about. As in his personality. He has that medical conditional where a person starts talking about something and can’t stop, and talks loud, and its all about medical shit and medicine. And the man loves numbers. He’s just weird but cute. Verbal throw up with the medical crap.

The more Dove was around Johnson, the more crazy she got. Smelling pillows he sat in? Just Ew.

Duke is just one crazy, sick guy. The weird shit he does just blows my mind. at the beginning, he is the annoying neighboring that constantly farts. But the further you get into book, the more you like him. And the more you find out how freaking smart this immature man truly is.

The devil cat, somebody explain the soul seeing devil cat. Why does she keep it? I mean the fuckin irony! Her name is Dove! Doesn’t cats have things for birds?

Dove is just crazy. She has some wicked crazy friends as well. That poor girl gets the shitty end of every damn stick. But the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hilarious! !!

Can’t wait to read #2


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