Book Review – Save with Me ( With me in Seattle # 5) – Kristen Proby


Okay, so you have the crazy alpha male, hot as sin Navy SEAL, Caleb and sweet as can be, mother of twins Brynna that has been attracted to each for a while.

When Brynna becomes in danger from her previous marriage, Caleb is appointed to keep her and her daughters safe. Knowing how much he wants her, he knows it will be a hard task. After having to baby sit her while she goes out with the girls and having to listen to all there girl talk and all their dancing and her advances towards him, he snaps and finally gives in to her. Not knowing one time or two or three will ever be enough.

Of course, not only does Caleb fall in love with Brynna but he falls for her daughters as well and they see him as daddy now. But because of his demons, he sees himself not deserving of them. But, he is jealous and cant seem to let them go. He couldn’t protect his team, how can he keep protecting his girls. Once he finally snaps and leaves them, a tragedy happens.

Can he finally admit his mistake, and will Brynna really take him back for the hurt he not only cause her but her daughters?


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