Book Review – Bound by Honor – Cora Reilly

5 Bloody Stars…

This book is fucking amazing. Excuse the language. But for real. Its my favorite type of book. You have the Italian mob. Who doesn’t like mobsters? Anyways,  the Italians are practically loosing control of their territories because of the other mobs. So the Chicago mob and the New York Mob come to an agreement. Luca the eldest child of the mob boss in New York (18 at the time) will marry the most beautiful eldest child in the mob in Chicago. In walks in 15 year old Aria.

Aria finds out and immediate hates it. Being promised to a killer, an asshole from hell, somebody she has no idea who he is and she has to give him her virginity all at the lovely age of 18. Damn her father. But she was raised in the mob. She knows there is only one way out of this life. So she will do what she is told.

Luca is definitely an asshole from hell. A killer that will snap your neck. He definitely has a soft spot for Aria that he keeps hidden from everybody. But, he is very crazy. And its not pretty. Just reading about him is panty droppin’.

Knowing they are in the mob family, they learn to except things they cannot change, and they do learn more and more about themselves. Things get good, things get bad, things get freakin ugly. But, because i love these books… things are beautiful!

Absolutely loved it!!!!


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