Book Review – Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) Jamie McGuire


Hello Maddox Brother #1… Thomas!

Being the oldest, Thomas took the responsibility of father when Jim lost it after his wife died. For whatever messed up reason, his path brought him to the FBI. Which led him heartbroken. I would have never guessed that, honestly.

Liis, is the Agent at the San Diego Office. Real quick, everybody learns she may be small but she takes no shit. She just left her previous office and her previous engagement to Jackson. Call her marriage to her job or commitment phobe to actual men but yes she has her own stupid issues. And her first night stand happens to be no other than Mr. Maddox himself.

And that Mr. Maddox turns out to be her boss. Her very arrogant asshole boss that isn’t happy with her work, even before he meets her. But, after working closely together, lines start to get crossed again. But, his heart is still heartbroken. Liis knows it. She doesn’t want to come in number 3. (The Bureau, the ex, then her). But, is it right to tell him this, when a he really want give him any chances herself? She constantly runs away from his emotionally advances.

Their next big assignment. Operation recruit Maddog. Yes, bring in The Travis Maddox. When? The day after the renewal of Travis’ and Abby’s wedding vowels. Possible problems, Travis goes ape shit over his choices. And he does.

The beginning of the assignment goes well for Thomas and Liis. Things seem great on a personally level. By the time they leave it went straight to hell. It seems all the Maddox brothers fucks ups pretty bad at times but they all fall for these stubborn ass girls.

Is it bad to fall in love with 3 out of 5 brothers so far??


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