Book Review – A Bridge to Love – Nancy Herkness


I liked this book because it was a little different from other books I read. The main reason being the age of the main character is not in her early twenties and the guy is not young either.

Kate is a widow with two boys to raise on her own. A year after her husband dies her world really starts crashing down. And she wants revenge and takes it with Randall, this sexy Texan CEO with an agenda of revenge of his own. When Kate tells Randall he is only a one night stand, well he cannot stand that. And it only makes him want her even more.

So, spending time with her and her boys, only makes it worse. Kate’s life starts to get even more complicated. Randall doesn’t help with it, when he starts using his CEO capabilities and working his magic. But again, his revenge starts to get closer. Once it comes, he snaps and shit hits the fan.

With Kate, she wants to be independent and not have to depend on a man again. After finding about her husband’s secret life and all the drama that came with it, she is very timid about relationships. Will Randall push too far?


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