Book Review – Kissing Frogs – Rich Amooi


This is one of the cutest books I’ve read lately. It’s hilarious and upbeat.

Sara moves into a town home after a breakup and realizes sharing a wall is not enjoyable. Especially with a neighbor that likes to make a lot of noise on her sleep in late weekends. When she has had enough, she decides to go give her a piece of her mind.

When Ian opens up his door, Sara is struck speechless but the hot man in front of her. Even her dog is smitten.

They have a very hilarious relationship. They banter constantly. Through this, Sara needs to find a date to a friends wedding. With no luck because she ends up on going on dates with completely ridiculous men, she finally gives up and comes to an agreement with Ian about being his pretend girlfriend. So they start practicing.

First practice, meeting his “grandpeople”. Who are they old people that are in a marriage that you strive to have. And of course, they are funny as well. And so romantic.

Of course they are some sad parts, but warranted.

In this book, there are characters that are so out there and crazy that keep you laughing your ass off. I will recommend this to anybody looking for a laugh. It was awesome!!!


Book Review – The Blind World (Brimstone #1) – M.C. Rohweder


This was a fantastic sci-fi book. I loved it. The triangle thing was great (considering I’m not a big fan of them.. But this one was good).

Obviously, since I like the triangle, I’m in love with the two guys. In the book, you think you know what’s going to happen. And you are completely wrong and blindsided.

The story line has me floored. I don’t know how this author came up with this kind of story at all. Never read or watched anything like this. It was a a breath of fresh air! She has a way with her words and writing that is just awesome!

I cannot wait til the next book!!!

Book Review – After the Storm – M. Stratton


This book was just a mind blowing book. Funny as hell but sick as shit.

Lexi went thru some shit in her last relationship. After moving into her late grandmothers beach home, she starts her new life of healing. She still has her bff back home, but has the 3 crazy hags that were her grandmother’s bff that are more crazier than a group of sorority sisters.

Noah is a rock star on vacation that happens to have a vacation house next door to Lexi. He is a smooth talker. And he is smitten by Lexi. Even though, he flirts constantly and talks dirty to her, he is a real good gentleman.

When Lexi realizes her worst nightmare may be coming true, Noah is there for her. She is stubborn but, lets him help. But, almost ruins it because of her Independence and insecurities.

I loved the 3 old crazy pussycat hags. They had me rolling. The bickering between Lexi and Noah was awesome. The whole Craziness of Anthony, was nauseating.

Great Book that is unlike any book!

Book Review – Kulti – Mariana Zapata


I will start with this, Reiner Kulti is the Asshole of Assholes. You will not read another asshole like him. He is worse than hot and cold.

Sal Castillas is one of the best women soccer players in the US. She gets news that one of the worlds best men soccer player (that has been MIA) is coming to assistant coach. He is also the same guy she used to write fan mail to, and have the biggest crush on.

Once said coach comes, he is in fact the biggest asshole of time, Kulti. Sal tries to keep it together around him. But when he upsets her father (which her father happens to be another huge fan of him) she goes ape shit on him. Which, kind of loosens him up to her, not much but a little.

They develop a relationship. A friendship. Nothing more. He is still a grade A+ asshole. Sal starts to see a hidden side of him, that is really sweet but so carefully hidden nobody sees it but her. Being that she is the only one he is seen with out side of their jobs, speculations arises. But so does something special. 🙂

When that happens, her job is in jeopardy. And Kulti being Asshole Kulti, will do what he wants.

I love this book. I love everything about it. All the characters. I laughed all through it. Amazing read!

Book Review – Kane (Slater Brothers #3) – L.A. Casey


Can you be in love with 3 brothers? Why yes, yes I can!!

Aideen is another spitfire of a woman. With not only alpha brothers of her own, she has the group of Slater brothers and their girl friends as well. One night of a ride with Kane, and well she’s screwed. Haha with a little bitty Slater growing inside of her. Just like all the other girlfriends, it takes a special woman to handle a Slater. And they do it amazingly and hilariously!

Kane has some serious issues. He is scarred, emotionally and physically.  He doesn’t like people. But he loves fuckin’ with Aideen. Their arguments make their relationship. When Kane gets diagnosed with an illness, Aideen steps up and takes care of him, even though she can’t stand him. (Obviously her subconscious was smarter)

They fight each other and they fight their feelings towards each other. But, Aideen is super nosey, which gets her ass in trouble. And causes alot of problems. She also takes no shit, which causes Kane alot of problems. So, either way, match made in heaven or hell.

Friggin’ Loved it! Now that last word of the book, come on. Such a tease!

Book Review – Fixed On You (Fixed, #1) -Laurelin Paige


So that was wild. 

Alayna is fucking crazy. Literally, diagnosed a crazy stalker. She tries not to be, so hard she tries to justify that she isn’t but totally is. And what does she do? Fall in love with another crazy, rich, hot man, Hudson.

And Hudson is fucking crazy, in the sense he gets off to making women fall in love with him and then dropping them. So its truly hard to even believe a word the MF is saying. Of course, you want to. And of course, Ms. Obsessive does believe every damn thing that comes out of his mouth about having feelings for her. Or she feels that he is touching her in a loving way. I mean i could be wrong. But what ever.

They both have family members that are complete assholes. They don’t help them but they hurt them more. Then Ms. Obsessive goes and tells Mr. Plays Games how in love they are, that he may not realize it yet, but they are.

So all in all, i have yet to read something like this fucked up book. And i just need to know wtf happens!