Book Review – Fixed On You (Fixed, #1) -Laurelin Paige


So that was wild. 

Alayna is fucking crazy. Literally, diagnosed a crazy stalker. She tries not to be, so hard she tries to justify that she isn’t but totally is. And what does she do? Fall in love with another crazy, rich, hot man, Hudson.

And Hudson is fucking crazy, in the sense he gets off to making women fall in love with him and then dropping them. So its truly hard to even believe a word the MF is saying. Of course, you want to. And of course, Ms. Obsessive does believe every damn thing that comes out of his mouth about having feelings for her. Or she feels that he is touching her in a loving way. I mean i could be wrong. But what ever.

They both have family members that are complete assholes. They don’t help them but they hurt them more. Then Ms. Obsessive goes and tells Mr. Plays Games how in love they are, that he may not realize it yet, but they are.

So all in all, i have yet to read something like this fucked up book. And i just need to know wtf happens!


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