Book Review – Kane (Slater Brothers #3) – L.A. Casey


Can you be in love with 3 brothers? Why yes, yes I can!!

Aideen is another spitfire of a woman. With not only alpha brothers of her own, she has the group of Slater brothers and their girl friends as well. One night of a ride with Kane, and well she’s screwed. Haha with a little bitty Slater growing inside of her. Just like all the other girlfriends, it takes a special woman to handle a Slater. And they do it amazingly and hilariously!

Kane has some serious issues. He is scarred, emotionally and physically.  He doesn’t like people. But he loves fuckin’ with Aideen. Their arguments make their relationship. When Kane gets diagnosed with an illness, Aideen steps up and takes care of him, even though she can’t stand him. (Obviously her subconscious was smarter)

They fight each other and they fight their feelings towards each other. But, Aideen is super nosey, which gets her ass in trouble. And causes alot of problems. She also takes no shit, which causes Kane alot of problems. So, either way, match made in heaven or hell.

Friggin’ Loved it! Now that last word of the book, come on. Such a tease!


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