Book Review – Kulti – Mariana Zapata


I will start with this, Reiner Kulti is the Asshole of Assholes. You will not read another asshole like him. He is worse than hot and cold.

Sal Castillas is one of the best women soccer players in the US. She gets news that one of the worlds best men soccer player (that has been MIA) is coming to assistant coach. He is also the same guy she used to write fan mail to, and have the biggest crush on.

Once said coach comes, he is in fact the biggest asshole of time, Kulti. Sal tries to keep it together around him. But when he upsets her father (which her father happens to be another huge fan of him) she goes ape shit on him. Which, kind of loosens him up to her, not much but a little.

They develop a relationship. A friendship. Nothing more. He is still a grade A+ asshole. Sal starts to see a hidden side of him, that is really sweet but so carefully hidden nobody sees it but her. Being that she is the only one he is seen with out side of their jobs, speculations arises. But so does something special. 🙂

When that happens, her job is in jeopardy. And Kulti being Asshole Kulti, will do what he wants.

I love this book. I love everything about it. All the characters. I laughed all through it. Amazing read!


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