Book Review – After the Storm – M. Stratton


This book was just a mind blowing book. Funny as hell but sick as shit.

Lexi went thru some shit in her last relationship. After moving into her late grandmothers beach home, she starts her new life of healing. She still has her bff back home, but has the 3 crazy hags that were her grandmother’s bff that are more crazier than a group of sorority sisters.

Noah is a rock star on vacation that happens to have a vacation house next door to Lexi. He is a smooth talker. And he is smitten by Lexi. Even though, he flirts constantly and talks dirty to her, he is a real good gentleman.

When Lexi realizes her worst nightmare may be coming true, Noah is there for her. She is stubborn but, lets him help. But, almost ruins it because of her Independence and insecurities.

I loved the 3 old crazy pussycat hags. They had me rolling. The bickering between Lexi and Noah was awesome. The whole Craziness of Anthony, was nauseating.

Great Book that is unlike any book!


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