Book Review – Kissing Frogs – Rich Amooi


This is one of the cutest books I’ve read lately. It’s hilarious and upbeat.

Sara moves into a town home after a breakup and realizes sharing a wall is not enjoyable. Especially with a neighbor that likes to make a lot of noise on her sleep in late weekends. When she has had enough, she decides to go give her a piece of her mind.

When Ian opens up his door, Sara is struck speechless but the hot man in front of her. Even her dog is smitten.

They have a very hilarious relationship. They banter constantly. Through this, Sara needs to find a date to a friends wedding. With no luck because she ends up on going on dates with completely ridiculous men, she finally gives up and comes to an agreement with Ian about being his pretend girlfriend. So they start practicing.

First practice, meeting his “grandpeople”. Who are they old people that are in a marriage that you strive to have. And of course, they are funny as well. And so romantic.

Of course they are some sad parts, but warranted.

In this book, there are characters that are so out there and crazy that keep you laughing your ass off. I will recommend this to anybody looking for a laugh. It was awesome!!!


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