Book Review – If I loved You (Harper Falls #1) – Mary J. Williams


Cute, light, little trouble, and hilarious!!!!

Okay so Rose had a bit of a shitty upbringing with her mother then her Aunt. Well I wouldn’t even call her Aunt an Aunt. Personally I’d call her the devil’s ex wife. But, with that childhood, Rose made something of her self and 3 Grammy’s later, she is a famous song writer and settled down in a smaller town with her 2 best friends.

Jack is a perfect male specimen. He comes from a large family being the only boy out of seven children. He is so very well mannered. A previous body guard but current millionaire computer geek with his best friend and they also reside in the same small town of Harper Falls. When I say he is perfect, I mean, this is literally the man every single woman wants. Of course he is HOT, but smart, caring, respectful, can be a badass in certain situations. But, he is not an asshole to woman surprisingly and I still love him!!!

Rose told him she wanted him to screw her brains out. He said no. But, they developed a special bond. Which was amazing. Rose has some serious issues she has to work on. When she finally meets his amazing family, those issues of hers gets a whole hell of a lot worse.

This is an amazing book. It was sooo funny between all the girls. The shit the guys did. Jack’s dog is also a favored pet! The story line is just awesome. Loved it.


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