Book Review – If Tomorrow Never Comes (Harper Falls #2) – Mary J. Williams


This second book, is a little bit more serious than the first. Still has some funny moments. Some very very hot and scorchin’ moments. (Whewy!!)

Dani comes from a very loving family. Being an awesome photographer that traveled around the globe, she ran into a few horrible sites that sent her to Portugal. There, she decided to change herself up a bit.

And she meets Army man Alex. Yummy Alex. They have 2 amazing weeks together before he disappears out of thin air.

5 years later, Dani is celebrating at a Harper Falls function and low and behold. The Army man rides in on his motorcycle and all those feelings from 5 years ago come back full force. But, Alex has changed. He has seen and went through some major shit that has left him completely scarred.

Alex was friends with Jack back on high school and he has family in Harper Falls as well, so going there is a easy choice for him. With Dani there, he knows he is opening up a can or worms. Dani and Alex decide to talk it out, knowing they have mutual friends. Which, obviously will lead to a whole lot more. And boy is it HOT. Going back to what they had in Portugal is not an option. No falling asleep or waking up next to each other.

Most books with military plots are always sad and have issues and this is no exception. I loved their story as well!


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