Book Review – If You Only Knew (Harper Falls #3) – Mary J. Williams


This book consists of the privileged town Prince Drew and the girl that takes no shit, Tyler.

During high school Tyler went to public school. Drew went to the private school for the rich kids. They ended up meeting in a private cove/cave off of Drew’s property. One thing led to another and they ended up falling in love having to keep it a secret.

Right before Drew graduated, he left Tyler with a broken heart. Fast forward years later, they both are back in Harper Falls. Avoiding each other isn’t an option considering all their friends are dating each other. So many things were left unsaid. Lies were spewed. And they need to sit and talk. But with Tyler’s bitterness and stubbornness, it really isn’t that easy.

Finally, Rose and Dani get through to Tyler and see allows Tyler to speak. But only after a roll in the hay. That roll is their undoing.

But with Ice Queen of a mother, Drew may not be able to salvage his relationship with Tyler.

Loved it. Seeing how much they both went through with their family’s and their trials together was amazing. Can’t wait til Christmas!!!


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