Book Review – Jack and Djinn (The Houri Legends #1) – Jasinda Wilder


WOW, with a side of fireballs.

Ok, Miriam, is in a shitty relationship. The worst kind. Ben is just a POS after coming home from his tours in Afghanistan. Having only known these kinds of relationships, she deals with it and tells herself this is what she deserves.

One day, a life savior helps her after an ass beating from Ben. And Jack, is perfect. Miriam just knows he is too good for her, and she will never deserve him. But, he doesn’t stop trying. The more she is around him, the more angry she gets with Ben, and finally starts sticking up for herself. Which isn’t really the best thing, because he continues to just beat her ass to a even bigger pulp.

During this time, she finds something different in herself. Something she has yet to control. And if she doesn’t control it, her life and  everybody life around her is doomed.

Great read! Very inspirational to women that deal with any kind of abuse from others.


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