Book Review – Lev (Shot Callers #1) – Belle Aurora


What the hell is it about a damaged man, Russian mind you, billy bad ass?

Lev was born with some serious mental issues. He can’t read peoples emotions. It comes off as if he doesn’t give a shit. Also he doesn’t lie and doesn’t really have a filter. He catches Mina stealing a wallet but immediately has this connection to her that he cannot explain.

Mina lost her mother at a young age and grew up in a foster home for a few years until she ran away. When she got caught, she thought she was done for.

But, Lev turned out to be a night in dark armour. She learns he is very different and has some serious issues but also has a side to him that nobody but his family sees. But, of course he has a dark side that scares the piss out of her.

All in all, this is an awesome book. There are moments that you laugh your ass off, start tearing up and then get super pissy. Lev has made my list of favorite book boyfriends. And I am sad that this book ended.


Book Review – Love Hurts (Caged Love #1) – Mandi Beck


I love my tattooed, MMA fighter men. And Deacon is noooo exception.

Of course, Deacon is a man whore who has been in love with his best friend since forever. Doesn’t have the balls to tell her until the night she gets engaged. And, because of his timing they don’t speak for 2 months.

When Frankie calls, Deacon finds out somebody has left her for dead. He takes care of her and tries to make it right, show and prove to her, he can be what she deserves.

But again, Deacon is a man whore and Frankie knows it. Frankie of course loves him, but can’t seem to find the will power to loose him as a friend and/or trust that she keep keep him a one woman kind of man.

Seriously, Deacon is to die for. He says alllll the right things to melt a woman’s heart or her wooohaaa. And is one hell of a jealous man.

Frankie should just jump on that train… regardless.

loved it.

Book Review – Mr. Crotchety – Rich Amooi


First time to read a book with “middle aged?” characters in it. But, it was well worth it. I very much enjoyed the unsociable Mr. Crotchety and Overly Happy Sally.

The story behind Roger, aka Mr. Crotchety, is his wife died of cancer and he never really got over it. He because the Grinch year around. A recluse that sold shoes in his store. When a party animal decided to buy a house next door and turn it into party central, he has to move. No way will he’s sacred quiet place be disturbed. So, he marches himself to the real estate office. But, not one of the agents he can stand. Not even Ms. Quirky Sally.

Sally is a workaholic. So bad that her marriage was ruined because of it. She is also a cancer survivor. So her happy, chipper self is warranted. When she finds out Mr. Crotchety is selling his house and he has refuses all the other agents she makes her move. He rejects it. But, Sally needs this commission. Really bad. So, she makes him take her as his agent.

Roger finally caves. His nephew is down to visit him and help him with his store like all the previous summers. And the moment he sees Sally come in he sees a connection between the two. But Roger being Mr. Crotchety and all demises the though. Plus, Sally is hiding a secret that is bad. And Roger hates lies with a passion.

I have to say. Once I started this book it was an act of congress to put it down. It was quirky.