Book Review – Love Hurts (Caged Love #1) – Mandi Beck


I love my tattooed, MMA fighter men. And Deacon is noooo exception.

Of course, Deacon is a man whore who has been in love with his best friend since forever. Doesn’t have the balls to tell her until the night she gets engaged. And, because of his timing they don’t speak for 2 months.

When Frankie calls, Deacon finds out somebody has left her for dead. He takes care of her and tries to make it right, show and prove to her, he can be what she deserves.

But again, Deacon is a man whore and Frankie knows it. Frankie of course loves him, but can’t seem to find the will power to loose him as a friend and/or trust that she keep keep him a one woman kind of man.

Seriously, Deacon is to die for. He says alllll the right things to melt a woman’s heart or her wooohaaa. And is one hell of a jealous man.

Frankie should just jump on that train… regardless.

loved it.


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