Book Review – An Eclair to Remember – Rich Amooi


This book is full of banter and two people that are realizing how unhappy they are in their lives.

Sidney is engaged to marry a VP that is never home. Always working. She is going on a cruise with her best friend to Alaska. Oscar is engaged and trying to rekindle his relationship with his bridezilla by going on the same cruise. But she is not willing to go because she just has tooo wedding things to do.

So the word serendipity comes up quite often in this book. Mostly out of the Spaniard Oscar. He quickly becomes infatuated with Sidney.  She fights it but also because infatuated with him as well. They can’t stop the attraction they have for each other and noticing how much they have in common. They also realize how much they don’t want to get married to their fiances. But, really it doesn’t have anything to do with each other, just the fact that their fiances don’t make them happy anymore.

I absolutely loved this book. Rich always has the quirkiness to a T.