Book Review – Treacherous (Carter Kids #1) – Chloe Walsh

5 stars

OKAY – So this book had me all like…

Constantly. Between Teagan and Noah, my head was spinning right round. A Girl from Ireland. A boy with a messed up upbringing. Together, they are a bomb. One minute they are at each other’s throat and another they are caring for each other. (Reminds of me Pink’s “You make me Sick” video).

They have this attraction that they constantly fight. And the fight it with words and it really does hurt them. It makes you want to cry out of sadness and angry tears.

Since Teagan came here, she became friends with Noah’s closest friends. Which brings them together more. When they finally give in to their attractive the LOVE/HATE thing they have its like magnified by 1000. And it gets so frustrating.

But being these kids are still in high school so Teegs is 17 and Noah is 18. There is the other girls DRAMA. Stupid Jealous shit drama!

SOOOO… because of all these little spoiled brat kids, everything is completely ruined. All the work that was done, the secrets that were shared. Those ass whoopins that happened. It was all for nothing.

So, obviously because of my emotional outbursts, i adored this book. It isn’t the sugar coated shit you usually get. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t sweet love words.

I need the next ones like now.


Book Review – Seduction (devil’s den 2) – Violetta Rand


Two people that has some serious issues comes together in a wild ride.

Craig is macho man. He was in lust (?) With Marisela sister previously, but once Marisela is back in town, he wants her.

Marisela seems like a spoiled brat but went through some serious stuff while away at college and has a hard time opening up.

Together they are just a exploding bomb. Constantly fighting and making up. Marisela continues to rub from her issues while Craig wants to fight her. Seemed like everything went incredibly fast in this book