Book Review – Ryder (Slater Brothers, #4) – L.A. Casey

5 stars


The Oldest brother. The one that raised all the others as his own.


The Older sister. The one that raised Bronagh.


Together they were the parental figures. Always taking care of the siblings before themselves.


They were the first to fall in love. Not in secret to his family. But behind closed doors for Bronagh. Together they seen all their family fall in love and change to something better. All the while, their relationship fell apart. Branna wanted more from him than the distant man he has become. She wanted Ryder the way he was before.


Regardless all the Slater brothers are just a big pile of assholiness. But my GOD. They are sooo damn hot. And it makes you want to gather them up and lock them in your closest. Ryder has that leader figure about him that makes him hide things, thinking its best to not say stuff. When in reality it obviously hurts more than it helps.


And Just like Bronagh, Branna has that hotheadishness in her.


Fantastic book.. and I am so sad I have to wait for the next one L


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