Book Review – Lilliana Jones and the Temple of Groom – Rich Amooi

4 stars

Great book to get a good laugh.

After being told of her furtune, Lilly decides to go across the world. She meets a man on an airplane that decides to be her tour guide. Because he is the complete opposite of her, Marco is completely frustrating. BUT, he starts to grow on her. And she realizes that she actually enjoys his company. But once he finds her destination, she realizes she has falling for him.

Marco is in Rome to see his family before he goes to Australia for work. He constantly travels for work so he has no time for a relationship. But, on the airplane listening to this crazy woman talking in her sleep, he just has to take her on a tour.

What this crazed planner goes through is down right hilarious. Marco, being the king of spontaneous, drags her every where in the time frame they have. They have these moments of pure awesomeness.


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