Book Review – Total D*ck (Bad Bitch #3) – Christina Saunders


Scarlett is a lady.  Straight from the New Orleans richest and most prominent. Act a polish way. Dress a elegance way. And marry only from other prominent families. She went against her mother by becoming a lawyer instead of finding a suitor. So Scarlett is the lead for her firm’s new client. She has to prove to herself that she can do this.


Kennedy is a manwhore. This man does not do seconds and takes what he wants, when he wants. Being from a family of lawyers, he has that badass intellect of being a lawyer.


Scarlett knows what type of man Kennedy is, but being realistic on the type of lawyer she needs, she knows Kennedy is the lawyer for the job. From the second she meets him, it’s a hard battle. She can’t stand his whorish advances towards her. But her body… loves it. And there is the problem.


While working close together on this case, plus the Hacker Carey, they start experiencing some major issues on the case and the attraction they share.  Crazy and Rough can describe both the case and the attraction.


Kennedy is hilarious with all his comebacks. Even through all this craziness they are opening up in the case. He still keeps him funniness showing. The Case starts to take an extremely dangerous turn and Scarlett can’t keep holding back from Kennedy.


Hilarious Book. Love these lawyer stories!


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